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Clinton: Count FL, MI 100%, Give Obama Zero MI Delegates, Or We Go to Convention

Thu May 22, 2008 at 08:46:23 PM PDT

Several remarkably hard-line demands have come out of the Clinton Campaign during the last couple of days. Now they are demanding that the DNC count 100% of the delegates from Michigan and Florida, give Obama zero delegates from Michigan (keep the “uncommitted” delegates uncommitted), and that if the DNC does not obey her, she may take it to the convention.

Tell me, how do you fight against a candidate who bides by neither rules, logic nor reality?

It is obvious that she views this as a coronation, and that the rules don’t matter. Her hubris costed her a legitimate delegate victory, but she won’t let that stop her. Her hubris and her ambition will take down the party if that is what it takes.

And then what? A Supreme Court stuffed with Scalia clones. 100 years in Iraq. The end of the constitution. Permanently rigged election laws. Another president who fancies himself a king.

Democrats are naive if they think she is going to give up after June 3. She won’t. To assume that she will, you have to assume that she lives in the reality-based world. She has long since left our reality-based world. It was obvious to anyone that she had lost the nomination after Texas and Ohio. But she continued. What has been the cost? Obama had to spend $36 million to fight her (rather than McCain) in April alone.

She doesn’t care what happens to the party. Her belittling of more than half of the states shows this. It shows that she thinks the only goal of the presidential candidate is to win, and that it doesn’t matter how much damage they cause down the ticket. It doesn’t matter if our congressional or state house majorities are decimated because, for example, black voters stay home.

All that matters is victory (her victory). But it plays to a pattern. This was the same pattern that Bill Clinton showed, starting in 1994, and leading all the way up until 2000. If it hadn’t been for Monica, Gore would now be finishing his second term. If Bill cares more about a quick BJ than about Gore becoming president, then should anyone think that Hillary is going to give up for the good of the party?

Her disregard for the party was obvious in her recent claims that Obama is winning because of sexism. Democrats need women to win, but what are claims like this going to do to Obama’s female support in November? Even David Paterson, the governor of New York and a Clinton superdelegate, is saying that Clinton is showing “a little desperation,” and that she should “end her effort to count Michigan and Florida votes”.

She is ruthlessly ambitious. She will destroy the party if she has to. The Clinton record shows how willing and able either are to destroy the party.


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