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Clinton Attempting to Unseat Delegates in Texas

Daily Kos
by Philoguy

Thu May 29, 2008 at 07:18:09 PM PDT

This will be a short diary, but I have just heard that Clinton supporters are attempting to unseat Collin County delegates in Texas.  If this is already been diaried, then I’ll delete.

The story below the fold…

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From Politex:

It was a localized version of the Michigan/Florida debate in Grand Prairie today and once again, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supporters were at odds.

Local Clinton supporters advocated Thursday for unseating ALL of the Democratic delegates from Collin County because their senate district conventions were held on the wrong day.

Officials with the Collin County Democratic Party said they chose to hold the convention a day late because there wasn’t a large enough venue in the county available for the scheduled date of Saturday, March 29. Party officials warned at the time that the eligibility of their delegation may be challenged.

Apart from the disgusting hypocrisy of contesting these delegates while simultaneously wrapping themselves up in the flag of voter’s rights with respect to Michigan and Florida, this story is even more revolting because of the way it is based on a technicality that, to all appearances, looks as if it couldn’t have been avoided. 

Is there any level to which they will not stoop in their unprincipled pursuit of power?  As a resident of Collin County I’m sitting here shaking with anger over this.  I remember both the days leading up to the Texas primary and the day of the primary itself.  For days the halls of the election center (where I also happen to work) were filled with people doing early voting.  The day of the election and caucus was itself filled with joy.  That evening we stood shoulder to shoulder, people of all ages, people of all nationalities, people of all religions and ethnicities.  The air was electric with excitement and hope as we signed our names and wrote down our vote for our candidate. 

Having witnessed a number of elections here, this was the biggest voter turn-out I’ve ever seen.  At the caucus people were literally out the door and around the side of the building.  Clinton would denigrate and dismiss all of that for her own personal gain.  I really don’t know what else to say.  The primaries cannot be over soon enough and I vow to donate money to any candidate that challenges her in the next senatorial election.   

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