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Time for a change

In the Democratic primary, we recommend Obama

Obama 2008


Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., addresses supporters at Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, Saturday, May 3, 2008. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Do the Democrats need a restoration of the past, or is it time for a change? We think it’s time for a change. We recommend a vote for Barack Obama in Tuesday’s primary.

The choice between Sen. Obama and Hillary Clinton is not easy. She is indeed ready to be president on day one. After two terms with her husband in the White House and almost eight years in the Senate, she knows how things work. Smart and tenacious, she offers a progressive agenda. There are many reasons to think she’d be a good president.

There are arguments against her as well. For example, many Democrats won’t forgive her for voting to authorize President Bush to use force against Iraq. We don’t fault her on that. She understood the need for firmness to force Saddam Hussein to admit UN inspectors to ensure Iraq wasn’t building weapons of mass destruction. She received assurances that force would be used only as a last resort. She isn’t responsible for the debacle in Iraq; President Bush is.

Concerns about Clinton

Yet we’re troubled by, to cite a few examples, these aspects of her presidential campaign:• Many of her supporters seem intent on depicting Sen. Obama as the Jesse Jackson of 2008, a leader who appeals to an ethnic minority but not to the broader electorate needed to win.

• She sometimes exaggerates her influence and experiences, as when she claimed she “helped to bring peace to Northern Ireland” and said she ducked under sniper fire in Bosnia.

• Florida and Michigan were stripped of national convention delegates after breaking party rules by scheduling their primaries too early. The candidates didn’t campaign in them. Yet after Sen. Clinton did well in those states, she pushed to change the rules and count the votes. That’s a cynical, self-serving effort to corrupt the selection process.

• Her tendency to tell voters what they want to hear is disturbing. Her proposal to suspend the federal tax on gasoline this summer is campaign gimmickry, not leadership. Her assertion that she was a critic of NAFTA from the beginning is simply unbelievable. The record shows she was an ardent advocate of the trade deal. Link to full story Charlotte Observer.


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