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Cagey Indiana Hoosiers

Cagey Hoosier Voters in Obama’s court

Sat May 03, 2008 at 09:30:09 PM PDT

As election crunch time hits us here in Indiana it’s clear we Hoosiers have caught election fever. Having multiple opportunities to see and even meet the candidates for president is a first for us here. Conversations in schools, in bars, at family dinner tables are dominated by politics. I’m amazed at the widespread interest in Senator Barack Obama.  Obama made his second visit to Bloomington this week.

Barack Obama Rally Indiana University 30/4/08 – video 10 min

To get a true understanding of the Hoosier voter and what makes us tick, it might be helpful to read Mike Bonifer’s latest blog on the HuffingtonPost.com.  

Four Reasons Why Hoosiers Should Pass the Ball to Obama

Bonifer’s  spot-on interpretation of the down home Indiana voter is heavily spiced with Hoosier basketball folklore.

 Reason One:  Caginess.  As any Hoosier can tell you, a cager is a basketball player.  What they do not tell you, or let on very often, is that Hoosiers are cagey folks.  They may come off like rubes to you and smell faintly of something that was not bought in a store, but they cannot be outfoxed.  When the NCAA appropriated “March Madness” Sweet Sixteen and “Final Four” from Indiana’s high school basketball tournament for its own use, the city of Indianapolis ended up as the location of the NCAA’s new national headquarters, and all the revenue and jobs it generated for the state.

Obama’s a cager and he is cagey, too.  He has not been thrown off his game by Hillary’s Kitchen Sink offense, or by a hot-dogging teammate like Jeremiah Wright who’s taking ridiculous shots from behind the arc when he should be running the offense and playing his role.  And he certainly has the game to stuff a two-hand set-shooter like “Branch” McCain, good as the Ol’ Branchster might have been in his day.

Mike has been living in California for over 25 years but as this article proves:  “You can take the boy out of Indiana but you can’t take the Hoosier out of the Boy.”  Here’s two more reasons Bonifer gives for why the common sense of Indiana voters should put an exclamation point on the Obama campaign.  Link to full Daily Kos story


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  1. I think that’s a great analogy of Barack! I also think he just isn’t given enough credit in general, by the media, etc., as to how well he holds on and remains above the fray, no matter what they throw at him.

    People should get a mental image of Barack as President: Calm, cool collected, but extremely determined and with sound judgment.

    That’s the type of President I would feel comfortable with, running this country. Go BARACK!!! IN & NC!!!

    Posted by Ritz | May 5, 2008, 3:50 am
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