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Bye Bye Blue Dog

Telling Thoughts

A gentle reminder to those who suffer from conveniently short memories. Let them remember that it was the Bush / Cheney Republican administration who started the two current wars, first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, years later, still being fought with no end in sight, at a cost of more than 4000 American lives, and hundreds of billions of dollars and counting, after first having lied to the world about the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, as an excuse to invade.

The Bush / Cheney Administration fully approved of the way that Wall Street operated in a deregulated market, bought about by the administrations of Reagan and Clinton (Republicans still support the failed concept) without conceding, that it was  millions of corruptly packaged and marketed sub-prime housing loans that were primarily responsible for the collapse of the global financial system. The rest of the world also suffered as a result.

Surely it is time for America to start looking after the interests of its own people. It must be careful to avoid taking the wrong path being traveled by Republicans.  A path proven to be strewn with tragedy, human loss and financial hardship. Barack Obama inherited a country devastated by Republican madness and maladministration. No foreign enemy could have inflicted the level of damage to the country and it’s reputation as that delivered by Bush / Cheney and the Republicans. Now as President Obama struggles with the horrendously difficult task of righting the America’s ship of state, he will need strong support both in the house and senate to get the country back on it’s feet.

Evan Bayh’s retirement is a good thing.

As a less than loyal Democrat, Evan Bayh could not be relied upon to provide the support required to pass the President’s campaign agenda when it counted. In many of his positions, he looked more like a Republican than a Democrat. War mongering Republicans have had their chance, and in the process they destroyed the economy and tarnished the country’s reputation with their flawed ideas. If Americans want a decent future they need to support Barack Obama in his efforts to get things back on a sound footing once again.

It will take many years,  but it can be done,



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