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Barton’s GOP Grovel to BP

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Texas Republican Joe Barton, proved today that he is not fit to occupy elected office of any kind. Including that of local dogcatcher. ( And I happen to like dogs).

First he made his groveling appeal to protect the interests of BP at the expense of his fellow Americans, then when hammered with an avalanche of deserved criticism, he blamed others for the interpretation of his outrageous remarks.

Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) apologized to BP, saying the deal made at the White House Wednesday to set up an escrow fund to cover oil-spill damages and claims amounted to a “$20 billion shakedown.”

What a disingenuous coward!

Joe Barton and disgraced ex Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich are cardboard cutouts of the very types of people who need to be weeded out of American politics and consigned to the dustbins of political history.

Even in that dark and overcrowded place, I doubt they would be welcome!



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