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Email Excerpts — Between Friends!

Email Excerpts / Between Friends

An Australian for Barack /Obama friend -To – Norwegian for Obama /Obama friend

RT. I was really pleased to see your Obama email and I thought I should acknowledge it promptly, and drop you a note across the seas. If I try hard enough I can picture you reading this on your Saturday evening surrounded by reindeer just after they’ve had their tea? Well, the Democrat ones who support Obama would be there wouldn’t they. 

I saw photos on one of the Obama site pages the other day where a whole lot of supporters were turned out with their dogs wearing Obama blankets. It looked a scream. Then I nearly fell off my chair. The next photo was of a lady standing under a tree with a largish animal on a lead. It too, had a large Obama blanket thrown over its back. The sign on the blanket read – Obama Llama!  It’s really all too much. People are having a ball putting their ideas and creativity to work. We are all joined in a cause which is linking people around the globe. – John Hay.

Norwegian for Obama /Obama friend -To -An Australian for Barack /Obama friend 

Hi!  Thank you for your note – I just have to ask:  how did you know about the reindeer? 🙂 (As it happens, I live in a part of the country that DOES have reindeer cavorting around, sunbathing on the shore, stealing flowers from gardens and such).  It feels pretty good to look forward to the election of someone rather than look forward to the replacement of someone, doesn’t it? – RT.


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