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America’s Way Forward

Telling Thoughts

America needs to do a complete about turn on foreign policy and start putting it’s financial affairs in order. Let’s face facts – America is broke. And China is acting like the country’s biggest loan shark in financing America’s debt.

US infrastructure is second rate and needs replacing and the country remains divided on the matter of race. The country’s political system is becoming unworkable and most States are drowning in debt. Even that most important of democratic rights- the right to vote – remains optional. How backward is that?

And regardless of it’s military capability and sophisticated weaponry, the United States still manages to be humiliated militarily by people who wield inferior weapons, but employ superior tactics. Tactics based on the killing field strategy successfully employed against America in Vietnam and the Russsians in Afghanistan. A strategy which simply involves the collaboration of the local population, together with their intimate local knowledge.

Unless America radically changes course and stops funding these useless, unaffordable and unwinnable wars, it won’t be terrorists that the country has to worry about in the future. Growing US debt is a far bigger threat.

The American people can thank the Bush / Cheney years for this dreadful legacy. The solution must be obvious. Tell your President what you want and then support him.



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