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Adviser Who Insulted Clinton Has Role in Transition / WP

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After reading this Washington Post article below I decided to leave a comment at the WP in response . A link to the full story at the WP is provided and a copy of the comment I left at the WP is shown below.


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Adviser Who Insulted Clinton Has Role in Transition

By Michael D. Shear

Samantha Power, the Harvard professor who was forced to resign from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign last spring after calling Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton “a monster,” is now advising the president-elect on transition matters relating to the State Department — which Clinton is slated to head. Link to the full Washington Post article.



johnjhay wrote:

Professor Samantha Power in her campaign role as foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama, admittedly was naive to allow herself to become trapped into commenting personally to the Scottish media about Hillary Clinton.

However I do agree that she was dead right in her assessment of Clinton as a person.

American’s can only hope that her advice to Obama on future American foreign policy behind closed doors, is just as frank, honest and on the button accurate.

John Hay

11/29/2008 5:46:15 PM


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