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A Tiger Hunt / SNL / Comedy Video

Telling Thoughts

This hilarious but damaging  satire demonstrates what often follows when people who benefit financially from being in the public eye try to hide from a content hungry media when its scribblers and talking heads sense something is not right with a scripted storyline they are expected to swallow. And so it came to pass for Tiger Woods.

In accidentally driving offline at 2.30 am, Eldrick Tont Woods, aka known as Tiger, enabled a curious world entree into his hitherto unknown alter ego’s secret sex life. Life may never be quite the same again for E T Woods – or his golfing fans.

“How unlucky was I” ? Golf’s biggest name must be thinking,  “How unlucky was he? ”  Tiger junkies are probably musing.  “Now if he had only missed that fire hydrant, no one would ever have been the wiser”.  Alas.

Now this big cat’s  (off course) scores are growing numerically daily. They are well and truly out of the bag. Oh Yeah. And like the genie, once out of the bottle, those (trangressions) cannot be put back.

After this drama, a single life seems the best option for anyone who is away from home for up to 40 – 45 weeks of every year. If the truth be known, this is a course that any married person with a normal libido would find difficult to play. It is a course one of the greatest golfers ever, failed.  Golf by comparison ain’t nearly so tough. Just ask the Tiger when he emerges from his den.


SNL Satire / The Situation Room


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