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A Republican claims / McCain no War Hero

Open Letter to McCain:

Withdraw From Presidential Race!

Senator John McCain,

I am recommending that you withdraw from the National Presidential Election Process immediately.I am making this recommendation to spare the National Republican Party, and the uninformed American Public, the embarrassment of nominating, and electing a person who collaborated with an enemy and possibly committed treasonous acts.

It is a well known fact that you gave Order of Battle information to the enemy in exchange for individual medical care that was not available to the other POW’s. It is also a known fact that you joined several other turncoats in freely making radio broadcasts for the enemy, knowing they were being used to affect the morale of American troops. On several occasions, in violation of the ‘Code of Conduct for Prisoners of War’, you gave unauthorized interviews to foreign nationals, and to ease their efforts, you spoke to them in their native language.

It is also a known fact that Col Ted Guy, USAF, another returned POW, was in the process of drawing-up charges against you and the other turncoats, when President Nixon gave a ‘blanket pardon’ to all who had committed offenses while incarcerated as POW’s during the Vietnam War.

Since you have been serving in the House and the Senate, you have constantly hindered every effort to resolve the POW/MIA Issue. You did this while posing as a ‘friend’ of the Issue. Only those knowledgeable of the POW/MIA Issue knew this and tried to refute you. You used your position to disparage these resolution seekers, drastically thwarted the truth, and served as an agent provocateur for whomever it is you owe your allegiance.
I am,

Sgt Maj John R. Holland, US Army, Rtd
3 War Infantry Vet, POW/MIA Activist
Member of the National Republican Party

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Telling Thoughts accepts no responsibility for the contents of the above letter under the signature of Sgt Maj John R. Holland, US Army, Rtd. Nor does the site claim to possess any knowledge with which to establish and/or support the veracity of the claims within the document. We note that this article already exists in the public domain. 

We are giving it additional exposure in the public interest due to the apparent lack of mainstream media interest in seeking clarification of these matters with Senator McCain. To date we are not aware of the existence of any public rebuttal of such claims. As it involves a candidate for the Office of President of the United States the matter is too important to leave unanswered. Editor.


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