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A Postcard from Puerto Rico / Eva Ramos * Obama Volunteer

Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 23:11:02
Subject: Saludos from Puerto Rico


Here I am on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico!

 My tio (uncle) and tia (aunt) picked me up at the airport this afternoon at San Juan airport, and then we went straight to Obama HQ in San Juan. On the way, I saw a giant billboard that says, “Si Podemos. Vota Por Barack Obama.”

 The best part for me as we drove down on Ponce de Leon was Barack’s voice, blarring in Spanish from a loud speaker on the top of a van, “Agradezco su voto el Domingo, primero de Junio” (I appreciate your vote on Sunday, June 1.)

 We had to stop and ask a nice man for directions to the HQ office building. The people here are “muy buena gente” — the man who we asked for directions offered to have us follow him through heavy traffic to HQ. Once we arrived, I encouraged our escort to vote for Obama. He said, “Si, como no” (yes, of course), with thumbs up and a big smile.

 Outside Obama HQ at Sabn Juan: I met happy volunteers from South Carolina and Colorado. After greeting my new out-of-state volunteer friends, outside the HQ building, I noticed a group of young men standing next to motorcycles. They were Boricuas — the native term for Puerto Ricans. Not knowing if they were Barack supporters, since they were smiling and looked approachable, I yelled “Vota por Obama.” They immediately yelled back “Obama, si,” holding up cards with Barack’s photo.

 We all started cheering, with rush hour traffic passing by. In HQ: What fantastic energy! I met more Boricuas and folks from New Jersey, New York and even Italy. It gave me a similar feeling than being at Austin HQ, but with an international flare! A group of us helped carry a shipment of Obama flags that had just been delivered.

 Additionally, I picked up a couple of remaining “Puerto Rico con Obama” bumber stickers, which I had ordered in Austin, earlier last week, to be shipped out here to the beautiful, scenic island of Puerto Rico.

 Presntly, I’m in the nearby Caguas with my Tio Richard y Tia Gloria.

 Tomorrow, I’ll be back at HQ in San Juan with my new friends, working to help Barack deliver Puerto Rico. Also, my fellow SD 14 state delegate Julian Helig is here with his wife and baby, helping the cause.

 It’s all most stimulating and exciting to be here in Puerto Rico!

 BTW, Barack will be back here, on the island, on Saturday, May 31 )and I will tell him that you in Austin, TX love him (just being facetious, her.) HRC wil be here, tomorrow, while Bill and Chelsea camp here.

 Even though Hillary is favored here, Obamanos are working long and hard to make sure it’s competitive.

 Stay tuned for later news bulletin from me, your pal, Eva!

 Thank you! Mil gracias!

 Si, se puede! ¡Obámanos!

 Eva Ramos
www.evaramos.com <http://www.evaramos.com/>  

Vote 4Eva for Obama National Delegate from SD14!

Eva Ramos


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