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A Personal Snapshot of the Inaugural

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As an Australian Obama supporter I watched first class coverage of the inaugural day on C-SPAN (streaming from the US) until 4 am on Wednesday morning Australian eastern standard time (14 hours ahead of ET in America) from my home city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I was up again at 7am, eager to see more. The TV coverage included mobile reporters wandering among the massive crowds which populated the National Mall asking questions, showing all manner of Obama outfits, including people in sleeping bags and others with blankets to shelter from the cold. It gave viewers the feeling that they were also there walking around.

C-SPAN provided access to vision from helicopter shots and high pre designated broadcast locations which meant great and varied pictures through their telephoto lens. And I was able to enjoy all of this from the comfort of my desk. Of course nothing could capture the feeling one would experience from attending such an historic and important event. Especially so if one happened to be an American citizen.
The whole thing was fantastic. I began watching from the time The Obama vehicles were proceeding to St John’s Church (a private service) before emerging an hour later to head to the White House for coffee with the Bushes prior to departing for the Capitol. I watched all the VIP’s and dignitaries as they walked through the Capitol and even noticed Jimmy Carter intentionally snub the Clintons, (remarked on later in the press) to eventually reappear in the open air of the Western elevation facing down the National Mall from the VIP seating area surrounding the inaugural podium.

I loved the shot of Barack’s youngest daughter Sasha giving him the thumbs up with a big grin after he finished his address. I nearly collapsed with laughter. Sasha was the one who in referring to his upcoming speech the previous day had reportedly said, “It had better be good, Dad”. I stayed up long enough to see Barack and Michelle leave their car twice (they must have been glad to stretch their legs after sitting in the car which travelled ever so slowly for the benefit of the crowds) prior to arriving at the White House reviewing dais. I felt a little sorry for the Obamas when on top of everything else they then had to review an overlong, enthusiastic parade before facing another marathon that evening by attending 10 balls!


Obviously I have forgotten what it is like to feel like someone in the prime of life physically. I read where Barack was at his desk by 8.30 am ready to work the next morning. All in all it was a wonderful thing to see. 

Best Wishes from Australia



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  1. John,
    I appreciate you sending your comments concerning the inauguration. It is especially good to hear from someone out of the U.S.A. Glad that the whole world is excited about this occasion. I met Barack Obama several years ago when my husband & I attended a fundraiser for our County Executive. I was impressed with him immediately. This was the most emotional election I was ever involved with. Please keep in touch.

    Posted by Shery Sullivan | January 24, 2009, 9:57 am
  2. A Personal Snapshot of the Inaugural | Telling Thoughts

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