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A Great 1992 DNC Keynote Address * Barbara Jordan

Will the DNC choose a woman as its Convention’s Keynote Speaker in Charlotte in 2012?

At the Democratic National Convention in New York in 1976, Barbara Jordan, an African American, and member of the US House of Representatives from Texas, delivered one of the then two keynote speeches. Astronaut John Glenn, gave the other.

In so doing, Ms Jordan became the first African American woman in 144 years, to deliver a keynote address to that body. The Democratic Party’s presidential candidate that year, Jimmy Carter, went on to win the presidential election.

In 1992, Barbara Jordan then an adjunct Professor at the University of Texas, was invited to deliver a second Keynote speech to the DNC National convention in New York.  The Democratic Party’s presidential candidate that year, Bill Clinton, went on to win the Presidency.

The 1992 Jordan speech is both remarkable and inspirational. It touches on issues as if it was prepared to be delivered today. It will appeal to Obama supporters and especially women, in light of  current events in the United States.

Barbara Jordan earned many honors prior to her death in 1996. Full details can been seen via the Wikipedia link.

Her 1992 speech would be a useful study for whomever is selected to deliver the 2012 DNC Keynote address in Charlotte. Change it seems, is always a work in progress.

Currently a petition is underway to support the Professor Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts for the 2012 Keynote speaker’s role. Link:


The Jordan DNC Keynote Speech of 1992  … 29 mins 22secs


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