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Bill Clinton’s DNC 2012 Address

Bill Clinton’s contribution in supporting President Obama’s nomination for re-election as President was evidence that the Clintons’ rivalry with Mr Obama had transformed into mutual admiration and respect in the past four years.

Elizabeth Warren @ 2012 DNC Convention

Delighted with Elizabeth Warren’s contribution in Charlotte NC tonight and pleased to see the reaction she received from the Convention floor. I hope that the voters of Massachusetts will appreciate how much good she could do for all Americans as their Senator.

Michelle Obama Stars @ DNC Convention

From the heart, informative and incredibly moving, her rallying call was a major success. The First Lady’s performance will be long remembered and quoted.

Clint Eastwood Delivers for the Democrats

After spending 50 plus years of building a reputation as an actor in fictional roles and achieving success as a movie director, there now seems little doubt following his effort in the real world of politics, that Mr Eastwood should stick to fiction.