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Why Warren Petition Good 4 Democrats

Telling Thoughts – To My Facebook Friends – My apologies for not being able to engage with Facebook friends in a casual way. My excuse? Is that the vast majority of my time is invested in promoting the petition to the President to enable Obama supporters to express their support for Elizabeth Warren as the […]

Obama Dings Romney In UAW Speech

Telling Thoughts President Obama demonstrated today that he is now prepared to start knocking down the myths and blatant untruths that have been promoted and exaggerated by GOP Presidential candidates in their over the top struggle to buy votes and financial support to become the Republican nominee to contest the 2012 Presidential election. The Barack […]

Elizabeth Warren & Locals in MA

Telling Thoughts February 17th 2012, Elizabeth Warren addresses a standing room only crowd at the Arts Block, Greenfield, MA Part 1 9min 04 Part 2 8mins 38 By George! She’s Got It! Apologies to the producers of the smash hit musical, My Fair Lady, for borrowing the famous line delivered by actor Rex Harrison in […]

The Facts of Life: Elizabeth Warren’s Message

Telling Thoughts Elizabeth Warren’s passion, precision and professional understanding of why things need to drastically change, deserves the bigger platform people are supporting in the petition to the President. That is, Keynote Speaker at the 2012 DNC Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. This is the ideal platform from which to speak to the President’s re-election […]

President of Ireland for Obama!

Telling Thoughts The President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins, is absolutely withering in his criticism of the Tea Party movement in this interview. In it he  rejects ignorant attitudes of people like Sarah Palin, and gives the interviewer, whose views he clearly doesn’t agree with, little or no room to interject. It’s about time. President […]

A Letter to The President

‘As a North Carolinian and your loyal supporter, this is particularly important to me. At this moment, the state seems it could go either Republican or Democratic. Elizabeth Warren, in tandem with your own considerable strengths and popularity, could be a major player in ensuring that North Carolina remains Democratic in 2012’. Barbara N Burkett Shelby NC.

Elizabeth Warren for Keynote Speaker DNC Convention

The GOP fears the potential of Elizabeth Warren. As the standout Democrat candidate for the US Senate in Massachusetts, and one who admires and supports the President, Elizabeth at the podium would bring a fresh, inspiring credible message of confidence and much added sparkle to the Convention. We ask that you sign the petition and encourage all Obama supporters to do the same.

@jollyswagman1 / Tweet Bank / 2 / 2 / 2012

jollyswagman1 John Hay @mgrossi1 I agree. Warren has integrity, grit and brains all in one package. I would like to see her deliver the DNC keynote address in NC jollyswagman1 John Hay Palin compares Gingrich to Jesus!This money grubbing woman will say anything to make news.The Limbaugh playbook pays. nationalconfidential.com/20120127/palin… jollyswagman1 John Hay @ChaelMontgomery Free […]