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Mitt Romney 1994 Vs Romney 2011 / video

Telling Thoughts October 1994, Mitt Romney speaking at a business roundtable in Massachusetts. Romney argues for strict campaign finance reform and the abolition of all PACs. What a difference a few years make compared to Romney’s views when running for President in 2011. [signature] Mitt Romney Address Video 2 mins 24

A Gift @ Christmas 2011 / O Holy Night

Telling Thoughts Australian soprano Dame Joan Sutherland’s magnificent rendition of O Holy Night Merry Xmas and A Happy New Year [signature] O Holy Night ,, 3 mins 44 secs

Gingrich: America’s Most Dangerous / Telling Thoughts Comment

A response to Frank Bruni’s New York Times Article 17th  December 2011 Telling Thoughts Comment: It is dangerous to underrate Newt Gingrich as an inflated egotist or simply another example of extreme political narcissism. To cut to the chase – this man is a seriously self deluded individual desperately in need of psychiatric assessment and […]

Romney’s Iowa support draws hilarious comment

Telling Thoughts An hilarious comment on the Huffington Post article declaring that Republican Mitt Romney has been endorsed by Iowa’s leading newspaper the Des Moines Register. [signature] Comment: “Mitt Romney looks like the photo that comes with the frame … He looks like the guy who tells you how to buy real estate with no […]

Elizabeth Warren Rally in Boston

Elizabeth Warren Volunteer Rally in Boston MA Video 2 mins 8 secs

Elizabeth Warren / America’s Middle Class Warrior

Telling Thoughts Comment Elizabeth Warren grilling US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner re the AIG & Goldman Sachs bailouts. She is in full control and in her inimitable way, politely demonstrates how tenacious and extremely knowledgeable she is about the subject under discussion. Geithner is forced to acknowledge that Warren knows more about such matters than […]

Obama’s New Nationalism Speech in Kansas

President Barack Obama called for a renewal of the “New Nationalism” at the core of the Progressive agenda outlined by former president Theodore Roosevelt in 1910. Obama, like Roosevelt, gave the speech in the small town of Osawatomie, Kansas.(Dec 6th 2011) Video.

Hillary’s Bull in Russia Shop Diplomacy / Telling Thoughts Comment

Telling Thoughts Article: Hillary Clinton says Parliamentary Election in Russia was Rigged / Huffington Post / 6th December 2011 Excerpt. VILNIUS, Lithuania — Issuing new warnings to two U.S. partners Tuesday, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Russia for a parliamentary election she said was rigged. Telling Thoughts Comment Hillary Clinton’s blurting suspicions […]

A Musical Gift For Xmas / Telling Thoughts

Telling Thoughts A selection of uplifting songs by the much loved and admired Australian music group” The Seekers”. Originally formed in 1962 they were the first Australian group to achieve major chart and sales success in the United Kingdom and the United States. The group features Judith Durham on vocals, piano and tambourine. Athol Guy, […]

E Warren Vs Big $ Streets of New York / Comment

Article Title. K Street & Wall Street line up behind Senator Brown in race against Elizabeth Warren. Link to article. Telling Thoughts Foreword The battle for the US Senate seat of Massachusetts, (currently held by part term Republican Scott Brown) is about to become very nasty. Now that his Democrat opponent and current Professor of […]