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Sarah Palin’s Yellow Brick Road To Riches

What is it about Sarah Palin? Not only has she been successful in attracting the support of two extremely wealthy and powerful old men in Senator John McCain and Rupert Murdoch, at the other end of the scale she also enjoys the support of just about every Redneck in America. What would Mae West make of that? News reports would have us believe that she has banked around $12 million since being plucked from relative political obscurity in Alaska in 2008, to become the most unlikely Vice Presidential candidate in living memory.

Celebrating Dame Joan Sutherland OM AC DBE

Telling Thoughts Video 1. The Joan Sutherland Story is a lovely snapshot of Joan Sutherland’s career journey. Video 2. The Sydney Opera House Farewell in 1990 featured the final operatic performance of this great Australian diva.  The evening ended with her magnificent and moving rendition of  “Home Sweet Home” . Unfortunately ABC Australia has restricted […]