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Mr Rudd Or Mr Oakes “Cui bono?”

One thing most Australians wouldn’t be aware of, is the close relationship that Journalist Laurie Oakes enjoys with Kevin Rudd and his family. Reportedly it began with Rudd’s early days as a University student when he earned money by cleaning Oakes’ residence in Brisbane. After becoming Prime Minister it was Mr Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, who volunteered to launch Oakes’ book “Power Plays” on Australian Politics in November 2008.

Pam Ayres / British Comedy / Video 5 mins

Telling Thoughts Outstanding comedic poetry from the fabulous British performer, writer and poet, Pam Ayres.  It’s impossible not to laugh and laugh and laugh! No props are required when talent of this standard is on display. You will love it! [signature] Pam Ayres : They Should Have Asked My Husband – 5 mins 47