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Afghanistan: When will they ever Learn?

Meanwhile nine years on, Australian troops in constant danger, remain trapped in the corrupt and hellish environment that is Afghanistan, and for what? Both the Government and the Opposition need to tell the Americans that they are wrong about Afghanistan. A good sensible ally would – and should.

Australia has it’s first female Prime Minister

Mr Rudd’s one man band approach to leadership, failure to accept responsibility for program implementation mistakes, policy flip flops, ongoing personal anger management problems, and his contribution to what has become a dispirited public service, meant that Rudd’s failure as a leader has been the main reason for his political fall from grace.

Australia’s first female Prime Minister tomorrow?

At 10.20 pm EST, Wednesday 23rd June 2010 the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that his leadership would be challenged by his deputy Julia Gillard at a specially convened meeting of Federal Labor Party representatives at 9am Thursday, at Parliament House in Canberra ACT.

The Disloyal General

Telling Thoughts As Commander in Chief, President Obama needs to sack US General Stanley McChrystal for his disloyalty; not for his inability to implement the Obama administration’s flawed military strategy. Responsibility for the patently obvious US failure in Afghanistan rests with the White House, for the quicksand policy of believing, as did the disastrous Bush […]

Barton’s GOP Grovel to BP

Telling Thoughts Commentary Texas Republican Joe Barton, proved today that he is not fit to occupy elected office of any kind. Including that of local dogcatcher. ( And I happen to like dogs). First he made his groveling appeal to protect the interests of BP at the expense of his fellow Americans, then when hammered […]

American Teenage Sailor Found OK

Telling Thoughts Breaking News 6 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time / 11th June 2010 Australia’s ABC national radio news has announced that a Qantas search and rescue flight out of Perth, Western Australia, manned by search and rescue experts, following  a 2000 kms  flight across the Indian Ocean, has located the upturned yacht of American […]

Sam’s Educative Loss at Roland Garros

The Italian’s game fed on the emotion of a block of Italian fans, including her family, wearing T shirts emblazoned with a message proclaiming “nothing is impossible”. After every winning shot she acknowledged them and was rewarded in return. Adrenalin fixes such as these can raise a player’s level of self belief and performance. The T shirted, message bearing supporters became her focus – theirs was the only acclaim she sought – these were the only voices she wanted to hear. On cue, they delivered – and her growing self confidence was evident.

The Untold War / by Nancy Sherman

Acclaimed author Nancy Sherman’s latest book is titled The Untold War: Inside the Hearts, Minds and Souls of our Soldiers. Nancy Sherman Professor Dept. of Philosophy Georgetown University Washington DC 20057 shermann@georgetown.edu – Former Distinguished Chair in Ethics, U.S. Naval Academy www.untoldwar.com <http://www.untoldwar.com> www.nancysherman.com New York Times Editor’s Choice: The Untold War “Sherman’s ‘philosophical ethnography’ […]