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BP: The Big Polluter vs The American People

As the world bears witness to the catastrophic, unabated oil pollution of the Gulf of Mexico currently invading America’s southern coastline, hundreds of thousands of people whose livelihoods are threatened, are beginning to come to terms with the economic and poisonous environmental consequences of this man made calamity and its ability to destroy communities and their chosen way of life. A tragedy caused by the inexpert activities and cavalier attitudes employed by multinational companies involved in mining deep sea oil in the Gulf.

The Democrat’s Blumenthal Blunder

At least the exposure of this imposter will end his masquerading days of posing as a Vietnam veteran. However the people of Connecticut who would have preferred another Democratic candidate can at least take heart.

Video Shows Oil Gushing From Damaged Pipe into Gulf

Video Shows Oil Gushing From Damaged Pipe into Gulf DeepwaterHorizonJIC — May 12, 2010 — ROBERT, La. — Oil and gas stream from the riser of the Deepwater Horizon well May 11, 2010. This video is from the larger of two existing leaks on the riser. This leak is located approximately 460 feet from the […]

Palin: The Never Again Politician

In her new shoot from the hip role in the media and by commenting via her ghostwritten website, she has been carefully positioned to avoid intelligent debate. However she is no fool. Knowing her own limitations, when the time comes, there is absolutely no chance she will risk her newly discovered financial windfall and bonanza, by attempting to run in 2012.

Obama @ White House 2010 Correspondents’ Assn Dinner

Telling Thoughts President Barack Obama speaking at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, at the Washington Hilton Ballroom, Saturday May 1st 2010. Part One .. 8 mins 58 secs Part Two .. 8 mins 19 secs