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The Price of Palin’s “Drill Baby Drill”

Residents need only to visit the Florida coast over the next few days and weeks to witness courtesy of BP, the horror of crude oil devastation as it floods their pristine coastline on the back of each new tide. Some good may result if it causes people to pause and reflect after witnessing first hand the obscenity of runaway oil as it delivers a slow and suffocating black death to helpless creatures of the natural world, while slicking atop pristine waters en route to rendering beaches and shores virtually uninhabitable.

Tiger Tiger Fading Light!

With the sponsorship of Tiger Woods, Nike’s golf merchandise and gatorade front man, the company’s sales pitch posted globally on elephantine billboards arrogantly shouted – “Just Do It” – . And so Tiger obliged, big time – in ways unimaginable to his fans. The slogan would have been less of a target had it taken the high road and said, “Just Don’t Do It”. But no one in advertising would suggest such an approach unless it targeted drink driving or some other form of egregious social behaviour. It’s too late for hindsight now. “Just Do It”, was a cartoonist’s dream.

Musings On The Masters

Telling Thoughts I must admit that I couldn’t help but watch Tiger play his first round and then cheer him on. I suppose that is when you admire the efforts of a real champion – that is what you cheer – regardless.  Not necessarily in support of an individual athlete, but more for the witnessing […]

Tiger Woods – The Jekyll & Hyde of Golf

Telling Thoughts I was stunned by the tasteless decision by Tiger Woods and Nike to use Wood’s father’s voice in that advertisement for Nike.The matter of whether or not Woods learns anything from his recently revealed experiences should never have been used by any business as an excuse to promote their image and goods. I […]