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Blair House:The HCR School House

In this setting Mr Obama was in his element due to his exceptional ability to make an argument based on his encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject matter. It was really no contest – and one quickly had the feeling that Republicans knew they were dead ducks from the outset. The President treated his guests with the utmost courtesy. Even allowing the meeting to go overtime to ensure that Republicans had no reason for complaint. They complained anyway – but left it until after the meeting to whine to the media. Some things never change.

Once More up to the Breach / A Healthcare Comment

A Telling Thoughts Comment After having failed to take charge of the healthcare agenda from the start, this new president has one last chance to achieve a positive result in this critical policy area.  To date though, he has failed to accept that bi – partisanship is less important than the delivery of quality legislation. […]

Your Public Option: Its Now or Never

As the Healthcare debate enters its final days, President Obama must take an uncompromising stand on the absolute necessity for the inclusion of a Healthcare public option to reduce costs and create real competition in the marketplace. Any repeat of his earlier failure to lead on this critical issue will make it extremely difficult to keep his supporters motivated and cause real problems for Democrats wishing to retain their seats in November.

Bye Bye Blue Dog

Telling Thoughts A gentle reminder to those who suffer from conveniently short memories. Let them remember that it was the Bush / Cheney Republican administration who started the two current wars, first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan, years later, still being fought with no end in sight, at a cost of more than 4000 […]

Obama’s Healthcare Invitation to GOP

Telling Thoughts This is the text of a letter from the White House on behalf of the President, inviting the GOP to discuss and compare healthcare proposals at Blair House on 25th February 2010.The session will begin at 10:00 a.m. and be broadcast live in its entirety. [signature] ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— February 12, 2010 Dear Speaker Pelosi, […]

The Yearling in The White House

Meanwhile people are still waiting.Their unrealized hopes kept alive as a token of their faith in their President. President Obama says he will never give up. In response, his supporters should remind him that they will never let up. He wanted the job, they gave it to him, he made the promises, they will hold him to them. Mr President, it is time to deliver. Americans needs to get on with building their future.

A Conversation with The President

Telling Thoughts An attempt by Barack Obama to reassure and hold the diminishing  support of people who worked so hard and long to see him elected in 2008.  I am pleased to say I was one of them. [signature] A Conversation with The President .. 45 min 06

America’s Way Forward

Telling Thoughts America needs to do a complete about turn on foreign policy and start putting it’s financial affairs in order. Let’s face facts – America is broke. And China is acting like the country’s biggest loan shark in financing America’s debt. US infrastructure is second rate and needs replacing and the country remains divided […]