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The David of the Democrats

In agreeing to a request from the White House to allow cameras to cover the President debating 140 GOP House members through a Q&A process, the GOP displayed gross overconfidence, an underestimation of this President and a totally wrong evaluation of the political implications of recent polls.

Obama Tames Republicans in GOP Den

Telling Thoughts President Obama spoke today to House Republicans at their two-day retreat in Baltimore, MD. He repeated his State of the Union address plea for bipartisanship on health care and other economic issues.  GOP leaders are to comment after a question-and-answer session with the President. [signature] GOP  Opening Remarks Part One – President Obama’s […]

A State of the Union Response

Mr Obama’s words alone won’t save America. But positive action supported by the American people will produce results. Appeals for understanding about how hard the job is – won’t do the trick. But a determination to pursue vital issues and being more specific about what he wants will save his Presidency. That is vitally important to America’s immediate future. From now on it is up to the American people to organize and press relentlessly to let the President and members of Congress know precisely what it is they want.

The State of The Union Address 2010

President Barack Obama delivering his first State of The Union Address. Including video and the full text of the President’s Address from the Capitol in Washington DC, on Wednesday 27th January 2010. This important, historic record needs to be forwarded to all Obama supporters to enable further reference and reflection at their leisure.

Infrastructure Projects & Jobs On the Way

Telling Thoughts Watching the President’s State of the Union address today I was reminded of an article I wrote in August 2008 about America’s run down transportation systems and infrastructure.  It was titled Time to Think Big Again / C’mon USA. The first paragraph began .. “Where has the “US leads the way“ spirit of the 1960’s […]

The Warning / Frontline Special

Telling Thoughts With the urgent need for the Democrats to produce strong legislation to regulate and ensure proper oversight of  the American financial system, the PBS Frontline special ” The Warning “ broadcast in October 2009, should be required viewing as a shocking reminder of what happened and how unprotected and exposed the American financial […]

Obama’s Year for Grand Redemption

The upcoming State of the Union address on the 27th January provides him with the ideal forum for a new start, and the opportunity to signal a new leadership style. Now is the time for the President to tell the American people, and the world at large, that his White House induction is over, and that it is time for the Democrats to get on with the people’s business as mandated by the general election results of 2008. In signaling that the rules of the game have changed, he should make it perfectly clear that henceforth – with or without bi -partisan support – the people’s wishes will be done.

Obama Endorses Coakley For Senate

Telling Thoughts The Obama speech from Sunday  January 17, 2010 at Boston’s  Northeastern University rally to support US Senate aspirant Martha Coakley. Currently the Massachusetts Attorney General,  Coakley is the Democratic candidate seeking to win the seat formerly held in Massachusetts by the late US Senator Ted Kennedy. Her Republican opponent is the State Senator, […]

The President’s 2010 MLK Address

Telling Thoughts President Barack Obama speaks about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the importance of persistence in achieving broader goals at the Vermont Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. January 17, 2010. [signature] The President’s Address .. 27 min 24

Haiti Earthquake / As it Happened

Telling Thoughts At present these are the only videos I have been able to find which actually capture the commencement of seismic activity in Haiti. [signature] A view of the impact of earthquake activity from the hills overlooking the city to the coastline  .. 31 secs A scene from street level as seismic activity became […]