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Dinner For One / Classic New Year Hilarity

Telling Thoughts Since first becoming aware of of Dinner For One, I have watched this famous 1920’s English classic by British author Lauri Wylie, on New Years Eve, for at least 20 years. I can assure you it is ageless, and never fails to bring tears of laughter. In Australia, it is screened at the […]

A Message for Obama Supporters

It is not enough to simply know that you support him. As isolated as this President must sensibly be (and as much as that frustrates him) it is better to show that you continue to support him. Why not give Barack your own Thumbs Yup ? And what better time to let your President know that you are there for him — as he is, for all Americans.

Inside The Obama White House / 10 part MSNBC Special

Telling Thoughts MSNBC Special  / Inside the Obama White House/ Total 2 hours First hour. 5 x Video Segments: Parts 1 -2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Second hour. 5 x Video Segments: Parts 6 – 7 – 8 – 9  -10 or/ http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30892505/ns/politics-white_house#31073805 This superb program was filmed at the White House. Filmed […]

Music & Dance / A Xmas Collection

A small selection of Videos featuring Carols from Cambridge and St Paul’s Cathedral. Dance scenes from Swan Lake and “The Age of Aquarius” from Hair the Musical to relax by and enjoy over the 2009 festive season. Season Greetings.

President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Lecture / Video

Telling Thoughts From Oslo, Norway on December 10 th 2009 The Obama Nobel Peace Prize Lecture … 37 mins 03

Golf Needs Tiger & Tiger Needs Sex Therapy!

This once in a lifetime champion needs to return to work as soon as possible. Sitting around contemplating his sorry navel will be a total waste of his talent and time. Sex therapy to deal with the cause of his problem is what he needs – now. It is one of the most important decisions he needs to make and act upon.Tiger and his wife are both relatively young. If they accept and understand that Tiger needs urgent treatment for his addiction then something may be salvageable from their marriage and deliver promise for their future.

A Tiger Hunt / SNL / Comedy Video

Telling Thoughts This hilarious but damaging  satire demonstrates what often follows when people who benefit financially from being in the public eye try to hide from a content hungry media when its scribblers and talking heads sense something is not right with a scripted storyline they are expected to swallow. And so it came to […]

Tiger Tiger / Burning All Night

Also clouded in doubt, is the claim by Wood’s wife Elin, that she used a golf club to break open a car window to rescue him from the vehicle. This seems a little too convenient. Particularly as a photo of the crashed vehicle shows the passenger side back seat window as having been broken, but not the driver’s side front window, the one nearest the driver. The wife’s explanation seems incredible.