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A Death In Tehran

Telling Thoughts For those outside the United States who were unable to see the important PBS Frontline documentary, A Death in Tehran, due to broadcast restrictions — I am pleased to say that I found it today on You Tube. Once you have seen the program, and the “as it happened vision” filmed during the […]

The Transparency of Sarah Palin

The book enables Sarah Palin to put out her story in her own words. It guarantees free high profile media publicity for her views and increases its chances of being a commercial success.The publicity will enable her to re -establish and re – energise her Republican support base as she attempts to remake and repair her damaged image to again try to appear as a strong independent woman, as an average American mom, as someone who gets it, and as a self appointed spokesperson for American women. Not a bad product if she can sell it. But first she needs to see the book to sell well. For these reasons I believe that the ex Governor from Alaska has figured out where her future lies.

Tiger’s Australian Masters Win / Final Round

Telling Thoughts Tiger Wood’s time edited final round, shot by shot, in the Australian Masters at Kingston Heath Golf Club, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Sunday 15th November 2009.  My thanks to the enterprising soul who uploaded the Win TV vision to You Tube. Tiger’s first three rounds on the fabulous par 72  sand belt course […]

Obama’s 90 Accomplishments / Email List

Telling Thoughts I received this information via email from from a genuine Obama supporter today. I have no reason to doubt the the claims made or the authenticity of the original source. I have added a link to the author’s (Dr Robert Watson) Lynn University Boca Raton website. As you will see he has very […]