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Villains by The Handful

This disgraceful political quintette through their externally financed decision to vote against a Public Option signals a zero appreciation of the importance of providing their fellow Americans with universal healthcare insurability,and its undoubted capacity to positively impact on the productivity, quality of life and future happiness of all Americans.

Superb Public Option Video / 1 min

 Telling Thoughts   This one minute video in justification of a government controlled public insurance option is the best I have seen yet. Any future healthcare bill the President might consider signing without it, would be viewed as a crass political attempt by Democrats to deceive the American people. In the country’s best interests, President Obama […]

51 Senate Votes will pass Public Option / Dean

From: Gov. Howard Dean, Democracy for America [mailto:info@democracyforamerica.com] Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 10:00 AM Subject: America Can’t Wait   We’ve worked together since the beginning of the healthcare debate to draw a line in the sand — the choice of a public option must be included in any reform bill passed this year. And […]

President Obama’s Address on Healthcare / Video

Telling Thoughts On Wednesday 9th September 2009, President Obama delivered his address on the need for major Healthcare reform to a joint sitting of Congress in Washington DC. Interviewed on television on the same day, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Baucus, Dem. Montana, stated publicly that he did not believe that a Bill which included a […]

“Public Option” A Must from Day One / Email K Luskin

Telling Thoughts This email from Ken Luskin clearly demonstrates why a “Healthcare Public Option”  must be an essential feature of any new operative Healthcare Bill. This was my response . “Absolutely right Ken. Only an unemcumbered ( no trigger provisions ) government provided “Public Option” instituted as an integral part of any proposed new bill has the capacity to lower […]

Healthcare & The Public Option

A fight is not always won in the first round. On Wednesday, Barack Obama must plant his Healthcare standard once and for all. His entire Presidency will be coloured, measured and historically judged by the resulting effect of his words on that day.