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President Obama’s Notre Dame Address / Video

Telling Thoughts The President’s speech embodies one of the finest attempts in appealing to the humanity and rationality of mankind I have been privileged to hear. It was a message full of hope and a clarion call which will resonate with people everywhere, now, and for generations to come. [signature] President Obama’s Notre Dame University Address 17th May 2009 […]

First Lady Address / UC Merced / Video 24 min

Telling Thoughts First Lady Michelle Obama’s UC – Merced Commencement Speech  In her debut as a commencement speaker before a crowd of 12,000 on Saturday 16th May 2009, the First Lady in her praise, urged graduates at the University of California, Merced, the state’s smallest, youngest public university to give back to their community. [signature] Part […]

White House Correspondents’ Dinner / Obama Video

Telling Thoughts An appreciative audience saluted a first class performance by the President. Things have certainly changed in Washington. And for the better. [signature] Part One – 9 mins 29 Part Two – 6 mins 46