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President’s Address to Joint Sitting Congress / Video & Text

Telling Thoughts This is the link to the CBS video including the complete text of the President’s first address on 24th February 2009, in the chamber of the US House of Representatives. It was presided over by the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and the Vice President, Joe Biden.  Surely one of the great Presidential addresses and an […]

America’s Call To Arms / The Arms Of Government

In President Obama’s inaugural address he appealed to America to “pick itself up and dust itself off”. Republicans in the meantime appear determined to demonstrate that nothing has changed. Basking in what appears to be a self deluded state occasioned by voting 100% against the Democrats’ stimulus proposals in the house and close to that in the Senate, they believe they have Mr Obama’s measure. Regardless of the state of the economy, foreclosures, education, health care and the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Republican’s clear objective is to make life as difficult as possible for the President.

A Response to “Brushing up on The Great Depression”

Telling Thoughts Recently a snapshot of the events which led to and culminated in the Great Depression of the 1930’s was posted on a number of Obama groups. It was titled – “Brushing up on The Great Depression”. In response, economic historian Mary Schweitzer of Newark posted a fascinating summary of past attitudes and events on this important subject, on the Delaware for […]

Australia’s Iconic Poem / “My Country”

Telling Thoughts As Dorothea Mackellar (1885 – 1968) poetically wrote in “My Country” Australia is a land “of droughts and flooding rains”. With Australia still reeling from the effects of a 12 year drought in the states of Victoria and South Australia, and now suffering record human fatalities in addition to livestock, wild life and total […]

American Pie? Republicans Just Can’t Cut It

The Senate of the United States may not be a modern day reflection of Nero’s Rome, but political fiddling and plotting in its chamber is perhaps just as flagrant. Any fillibustering or finessing which may subsequently occur as a result of Friday’s non binding pronouncement will certainly threaten the potency of the Democrat’s original stimulus package. This is something the country simply cannot afford.