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Adviser Who Insulted Clinton Has Role in Transition / WP

Telling Thoughts After reading this Washington Post article below I decided to leave a comment at the WP in response . A link to the full story at the WP is provided and a copy of the comment I left at the WP is shown below. [signature] Washington Post.com  > Politics Adviser Who Insulted Clinton Has Role in Transition By […]

The Obama Road to the White House

Telling Thoughts The Obama Campaign for the Presidency in 2008 A three page chronological video record of pivotal events leading to the election of Senator Barack H Obama to the office of the Presidency of the United States of America.  On February 10th 2007, the US Senator Barack Obama launched his historic campaign for the office of President of […]

The Obamas / The Barbara Walters Special / 6 Videos

Telling Thoughts The ABC Barbara Walters Special / 26th November 2008 The first post election interview conducted with President elect Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, the future First Lady of the United States of America. Presented in parts to enable you to watch at suitable intervals [signature] Barack Obama Part 1 .. 8 mins 05 Barack Obama […]

An Australian For Barack

For ease of access and as an historical record for Obama supporters,”An Australian for Barack” is a group listing of 50 of the 121 magazine articles I managed to write while supporting Barack via my website Telling Thoughts during the 2008 US Presidential campaign. Links to the articles, many of which include videos,are listed monthly in chronological order.

Was Jordan Sec of State Deal Maker?

Telling Thoughts When I learned in reading the New York Times article titled,” An Old Home Town Mentor and Still At Obama’s Side”  that the extremely influential Democratic Party and Clinton supporter Vernon Jordan was married to the cousin of Valerie Jarrett, the current Obama Transition Team Co Chair and longtime personal friend, mentor and promotor of the Obamas, I realised that this personal connection could have […]

A Song for Obama “The Power of One” / Donna Summer

Telling Thoughts As the author of the profile article on Senator Barack Obama titled “The Power of One” on the 16th February 2008, I thought I should also post this musical video fortuitously found on You Tube not long after Senator Barack Obama became President elect Obama, on November 4th 2008. Best Wishes Go Obama / Biden Yes […]

Choosing A President / Video / The New York Times

Telling Thoughts Choosing a President The New York Times’s – Katharine Q. Seelye – narrates a look back at the two-year campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America. Video duration 16 mins 32 secs http://video.nytimes.com/video/playlist/politics/1194811622221/index.html

Clinton: Healthcare = Mission Possible

According to some media reports, the President elect Barack Obama, has offered the position of Secretary of State to the junior Senator from New York – Hillary Rodham Clinton. If that is the case, I would be more than surprised. Responsibility for healthcare reform I could understand.
Of one thing we can be sure. That is, that this story has not come from anyone in the official Obama transition team. In a tightly run Obama operation that is the only source for information about appointments in the future Obama White House administration.

The Gettysburg Address

Telling Thoughts At this special electoral time in American political history, it is altogether fitting to reflect on the words of President Abraham Lincoln in his address at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania USA on 19th November 1863. [signature] The Gettysburg Address .. Abraham Lincoln President of the United States of America Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on […]

Obama’s Inner Circle Shares Story / Sixty Minutes

Telling Thoughts This is a link to a 13 minute CBS 60 Minutes video interview with four of the top people responsible for Barack Obama’s successful campaign for the presidency of the United States. It was recorded immediately following Obama’s victory address to more than 250,000 people at Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois on election night, November 4th 2008. It […]