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American Stories, American Solutions

Telling Thoughts Broadcast on 7 television networks in prime time on Wednesday 29th October 2008, only days prior to the Presidential election on November 4th, this Obama infomercial ran for a full 30 mins. Timed to perfection it should become the talking point for at least the next 24 hours of the news cycle. It was […]

“His Choice” / Latest Obama TV Ad / Link

Telling Thoughts This information just through by email. The TV advertisement “His Choice” is due for screening on Thursday 30th October.  [signature] Email Message:  Today, the Obama-Biden campaign introduced a new 30 second TV ad, “His Choice”, which highlights John McCain in his own words admitting that he doesn’t understand the economy well. The Ad – “His […]

Some Silly Sentences / Seven Days Out

It is mind boggling to think back and recall how it all began with Iowa and how long this journey has been. I have tried to imagine how Barack feels, including all of you who have organised, volunteered, donated, and dedicated yourselves to the cause. Everyone who has been involved in this campaign should feel very proud. It has been an amazing effort and an historic contest. Now in only seven days, the fruits of your labour will be known. This final drive could make all the difference

The Loneliness of Leadership

Who would want such responsiblity at such a time? He does. Who could ever face such challenges? He has to date. Who is capable of meeting them? He is. Who will be America’s next leader? On November 4th 2008 it must be Barack Obama. He has shown the way.

Shoes of a Community Organiser

Having seen the outrage expressed after learning that the McCain campaign used donated funds to spend $150.000 on Sarah Palin’s outfits, my first thought after seeing this photo of Barack Obama was, “hang on a minute, these are the shoes of a community organiser” and I smiled. The shoes say it all.

McCain’s Fiji Holiday Letter / A Farce

A Telling Thoughts Comment … In the past two months, efforts to have Anasuya Dubey, the claimed author of the letter titled, My Holiday with McCain come forward, or at least prove media contact with  regard to its possible publication, have come to no avail.  As a result, and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary,Telling Thoughts has no option […]

The “Meet Me In St Louis” Desktop Look

With only two weeks remaining in the 2008 Presidential campaign, I wanted to give my computer desktop a fresh look which captured the Obama story to date in one image. The Obama rally in St Louis delivered it, in a 100,000 ways. Maybe you might like to do something similar with your desktop? With this photo image mine looks brilliant. I’m really fired up.

Missouri Skies Tell the November Story

Telling Thoughts If ever a scene was an omen for an Obama Presidency on November 4 this could be the one. Blue skies for a blue ticket in a normally “red” voting state. This record attendance is combined with the news today that the Obama campaign set a new political fundraising record in September with $150 million and 632 […]

The Man Who Never Was

The impulsive warmonger John McCain rushes to judgement, Barack Obama does not. People are beginning to understand, that unlike McCain, Obama weighs things carefully, he consults with experts, he asks quality questions, and then as his record shows, he usually makes a good decision. He acts like a modern leader.This builds confidence.

Barbara Burkett Leads NC Charge for Obama

Early voting begins (updated 6:10 p.m.) Thursday, Oct 16 2008, 11:27 am David Allen SHELBY – Opening day for early voting sparked interest in the community as evidenced by a winding line outside the elections office on Patton Drive. The crowd continued to grow throughout the morning – some residents in favor of Democratic Sen. […]