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A Canvassing “Moment” in North Carolina

A Telling Thoughts Comment This story below was part of an email I received today. It makes mention of of a rewarding experience had while canvassing in North Carolina on Saturday 26th of September. It was forwarded to me by a retired professional lady, who is a dedicated Obama volunteer. Out of respect for her privacy I will simply call her BB.  Actually BB often writes […]

Olbermann & McCain’s No Show on Letterman / video 6 min

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann talking about the lambasting David Letterman gave to John McCain for his no show on Letterman’s program. Extremely interesting. It deals with McCain’s deception and excuse as to why he couldn’t make it at the last minute.  And then Letterman’s discovering what really happened. Video 6 mins 48 secs.

Letterman Hammers McCain Again / Video – 8 min 48

 Telling Thoughts comment: This is another withering attack on the Thursday show in a very well written script about John McCain’s farcical act about not being available to meet his commitment to appear on the show on the previous night. The excuse from McCain being that he had to urgently attend to important matters dealing with the economic crisis. All of which were proved […]

Wall Street Robbers & Washington Friends

Unlike Bill Clinton’s legacy, President Franklin Delanor Rooseveldt, affectionately known as FDR, is especially remembered for his remarks following the signing into law of the financial regulations contained in the Glass Steagall Act of 1933. Also known as the Banking Act of 1933 (48 Stat. 162). Rooseveldt saw the Depression as a matter of confidence, people had stopped spending, investing and employing labor because they were afraid. As he stated in his inaugural address “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Anthem for Obama / Music Video

 “Anthem for Obama” (by Bob Ouellette & Gail King) approx 4 min 30. Lyrics are on screen at the end. Set around the kitchen table. Look for “Annie” the dog having a fine time.

Letterman Putting Down McCain + Palin / Video / 9 mins

David Letterman complaining very cleverly and humorously at McCain’s expense, about McCain cancelling his appearance on the Show after McCain had telephoned to say he was suspending his campaign to return to Washington to deal with the economy. Video 9 mins. 

Ohio’s Marcy Roars at $ Avarice $

Unnecessary speed sank the Titanic. The words from the findings of the 1912 enquiry into the tragedy need to resonate powerfully with America’s politicans. Speed is the enemy of good judgement. Unjustifiable speed in approving President Bush’s rushed and flawed republican bail out proposal as a salve to Wall Street in the current crisis, will most assuredly wreck and dash the hopes of the American people, long into the future. The collapse of the country’s financial system is nothing short of a national emergency.

Congressman McDermott.Dem: On Paulsen / Video

Congressman McDermott: King George has been deposed by King Henry Rep. Jim McDermott just had the quote of the day:  McDermott is referring to Henry M Paulson, Secretary to the Treasury in the Bush Administration. Paulson 2 years ago, was the CEO of Goldman Sachs, one of the investment banks likely to benefit from the proposed […]

TEN for ONE Taxation

“The top ten percent of all taxpayers pay ninety percent of the taxes”. Claims for the top percentage may vary from 5% to 20%, yet one simple principle always applies: Divide 100 pennies into two piles, of 90 and of 10 cents each. These represent the contributions to each tax dollar collected, 90c from the top group […]

Cometh the Hour / Cometh the Man

Just the kind of safe hands America needs over the next eight years to right the ship of state after eight years of the worst Presidency in living memory. The kind of safe hands and clear thinking Obama will employ to chart a new course to restore confidence in the economy via workable policy injections requiring targeted and limited regulation within segments of America’s financial markets. Measures specifically designed to kickstart and rebuild a vibrant and improved economic model from the entrails of a wrecked and crooked financial system.