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A Clueless McCain / America’s Future At Risk

Meanwhile on the other side of the ledger it was just the opposite. Democrats were becoming very excited indeed. Barack Obama the “Yes we can man” was breaking all sorts of new fundraising records and gathering crowds never seen before in American politics.The former Republican Senator, Bob Dole interviewed on MSNBC snidely called them,”A cult led by some sort of a Pied Piper”.”It won’t go anywhere” he predicted.

McCain’s LIV Message / A Comedy

I’m John McCain and even though I don’t want to, I approve this message. LIVs, I used to be called a Maverick. Someone who stood up to my party. Someone who would rather stand on principle than win a political battle.My friends, those days are over. Long gone. Never to return.

Leadership & The Measure

Now that Democrat Senator Barack Obama has returned to the United States from his week long sojourn through the theatres of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, including meetings with the leaders of Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, France and Great Britain and addressing a 200,000 strong public rally in Berlin, it is time to take a closer look at the qualifications of his opponent, the Republican Senator for Arizona, John McCain and another former Republican for fair measure.

McCain’s Worst Nightmare!

Running for the Office of President of the United States takes a war chest of hundreds of millions of dollars of campaign funding, a hundred thousand dedicated volunteers prepared to face abuse and ridicule when canvassing and braving the elements, no matter how extreme. The candidates have to fly thousands of air miles, sleep in a different bed most nights, radiate millions of artificial smiles and give or get ten million handshakes. Oh yes, plus thousands of speeches and interviews. To survive the pace they need to grab as much quality sleep as they can get, anywhere they can get it.The candidates that is! Enjoy it.

November / America’s Roll of the Dice

We as citizens of other countries (aka foreigners) would be out of our cotton pickin’ minds if we didn’t study or follow what was happening in the United States,the world’s superpower. In particular making an effort to learn something of it’s history,its people,its multiculture and its form of national government,warts and all.

American Hunters and Shooters Association / Endorses Obama

American Hunters and Shooters Association Endorses Obama April 16th, 2008 4:40 pm By Jessica Morgan The President of the Association released this statement: As a gun rights organization we have not come to this decision lightly. We were formed two years ago because our research shows that millions of gun owners wanted a change. They not […]

Latest JIB JAB Video “Time for Some Campaignin” / It’s great!

  Time for Some Campaignin / Latest musical video production / It’s great They’re a downright rarity, but JibJab animations are treasured by millions when they hit the Web. The ode to 2004’s US presidential election, “This Land is Your Land” (view below), is said to have garnered some 80 million views prior to the […]

The State of the Media Vs The American State

The obstacle to which I refer is not Obama’s Republican opponent Senator John McCain.I am specifically referring to one of the most insidious elements in US society today. The mainstream American media. A corrosive, politically biased force with attitudes and an agenda capable of pervading and eroding the foundation principles of a democratic nation state.

Paris, France (Not – Paris Hilton) Loves Obama

My shoutout from Paris to the EOO Community! Yesterday was Bastille Day, the French equivalent of Independence Day. Having just gotten back from Paris, I can say that Parisians would storm the Bastille all over again if it would get Obama elected. I went to Paris with my husband, my mother-in-law, my four sisters-in-law, and […]

Obama Address on Iraq / Washington DC – 34 mins Video

Senator Barack Obama delivering a major speech on Iraq – 34 mins Washington DC July 15th 2008 — Video 34 mins