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Dead Right Diane!

 By Diane from Cleveland.. A great comment from Obama supporter Diane, who made so much sense against the argument about Barack needing to make a separate appeal to white women to minimise the Clinton impact on this group. “Well, I have to say something here. Being a white woman, 50 years old, a lifelong Republican, I am an […]

Obama wins Texas in total

Barrack Obama appeared to have scored a clear victory over Hillary Clinton on Saturday in the second step of Texas’ multi-tiered process for selecting its delegates to the Democratic National Convention. With results available from about half of the district conventions held statewide, the Associated Press reported that Obama had won 59 percent of the […]

Breaking News!

“PRINCETON, NJ — Barack Obama has extended his lead over Hillary Clinton among Democrats nationally to 52% to 42%, the third consecutive Gallup Poll Daily tracking report in which he has held a statistically significant lead, and Obama’s largest lead of the year so far.” Gallup has Obama up – again. Just in from Gallup: […]

Clinton’s Messenger Boy!

This appears to be a blatant attempt to interfere in a process which can influence and determine the Democratic Party’s nomination. It represents a direct challenge to Nancy Pelosi herself, who as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Party’s most senior Democrat, is only two heartbeats from the Presidency. As Speaker she is the holder of the third highest office in the country. How dangerous are these Clinton friends, donors and supporters? This is precisely the sort of thing Barack Obama wants to end in American politics. The vested interests have a lot to lose if Clinton fails. Once Clinton is no more – they are no more!

The Web she Weaves!

When Hillary Rodham Clinton bitterly observes replays of Barack Obama’s hand on the Bible standing next to the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, with the Capitol in the background in January, she will know she has become an outsider. That her brand of politics is no longer acceptable.

The Anyway Poem

My name is Michelle and I support Barack Obama for President of the United States of America. I love this poem. I’m not sure who wrote it, although it has been credited to Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama and a Harvard student who wishes to remain anonymous. No matter who is responsible, these are words that we and this campaign should live by.

Obama * Rev Wright * The Church

Senator Barack Obama has also appealed to his many supporters to get this video statement in front of as many people as possible. Mr Obama is concerned that everyone should be perfectly clear about how he regards the controversial statements made by the retiring Rev. Wright of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

US Justice Dept Call * Passport Spying

The US Department of Justice has been called upon to investigate alleged passport security breaches of the personal files of Senator Barack Obama on three occasions since January and subsequently it is claimed, on the files of Senators Hillary Clinton and John McCain. JH.   ——— WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators from both parties on Sunday urged the Department […]

Changing face of public communication

A response to Journalism posted on the Obama site: Journalism : By once in a lifetime leader – (An Obama supporter) – With the recent ‘smear’ coverage of Obama’…this poll doesn’t surprise me. Zogby Poll: 67% View Traditional Journalism as “Out of Touch” Internet is the top source of news for nearly half of Americans; Survey finds two-thirds […]

Passport spying – Watergate Revisited?

NB. For those who are too young to know. “Watergate” was also dismissed as nothing other than a simple break in by burglars in 1972 at the Democratic Party’s National headquarters in Washington DC. Two years later this “minor incursion” cost a Republican President his job.