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MSNBC: Final Ohio Democratic debate results.  Obama 59% Vs Clinton 23% – Neither party 18%. [249,507 votes on line]. Poll closed. A major win for Barack Obama.  MSNBC stated that the debate was the most watched program of its type in the network’s history. Post debate, most of America’s media agreed that Clinton was inconsistent, and […]

Breaking News:

MSNBC Ohio Democratic debate poll. Online sample 91,609 –After 6hrs voting — Barack Obama won 65% – Hillary Clinton  won 22% – No winner 13%.  Most news organisations praised Obama’s performance and many were not impressed with Senator Clinton’s attitude.

The Ohio Debate + Video

I won’t take up the individual issues which Obama clearly won. It suffices to say that he also won the debate in all other departments. Including:  Ease under pressure, clarity of positions and policy, humour, courtesy and the overall presentation of his case. Remember Hillary Clinton saying on many occasions that words don’t matter, its what […]

Obama & Diplomatic Dress

APEC’s dress protocol requires that all attending heads of government dress in the traditional attire of the host country My response to concern about photos of Barack Obama pictured on a visit to Kenya where he is photographed posing in African tradional garb. The pictures, reportedly being circulated by supporters of the Clinton campaign are being broadcast on the world’s […]

America’s Don Quixote!

 With Nader you could leave mid speech, win a New York marathon and still be back in time for the punchline. For Ralph Nader the time has arrived. Time to accept the inescapable truth that his date with destiny in a political sense, is long past. Unlike Barack Obama, Nader could never comprehend the philosophy of “the fierce urgency of now”. Yet to the annoyance of hordes of Americans […]

The Texas Gambler!

Obama has demonstrated by temperament and sound judgement, he knows when to hold ’em   The Kenny Rogers country and western classic ” The Gambler”, reflects the rationale behind Barack Obama’s brilliant campaign for the White House. Launching his bid for the Presidency in Springfield, Illinois, in February 2007, he readily admitted he was gambling that the […]

A Man of the People – For the People!

In actual fact the Republicans do not want Hillary Clinton to lose. She is their preferred quarry. The polls say that McCain would win against her but lose comprehensively to Obama! As rays of early sunlight streamed through my window this morning, my computer screen trumpeted this message. “Eleven straight for Obama!” Eleven I thought.  Have I missed something? […]


Dawn from Iowa – I agree with your thoughts about the Clintons.  They will burn every bridge from now on. Their rationale?  “Winning isn’t everything  –  It’s the only thing!”  Ethics? – “They’re only for people who like coming second!”  PS:  Americans won’t buy the candidature of someone whose only contribution is to play loose with […]

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Breaking News ** CNN Bias. It is obvious that the ugly face of discrimination and media bias, is still alive and well in America!  I sent the following comment to CNN this morning. ” Though it pains me to make this comment, I must say CNN you are a poor excuse for a member of the fourth […]

Clintonism! Politics without Principle.

Shocked and now desperate beyond belief at the rise and relentless rise of Obama,  the pressures on the Clinton campaign are now immense. There is no pleasant or easy way of commenting on the behaviour and paucity of ethics being displayed by one of the two remaining party’s seeking the Democratic Party’s nomination to contest the November general election for the office of […]